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cancel your credit before you die

updated tue 15 jun 10


Patti Petit on sun 13 jun 10

Five or so years after my husband's death I (He) received a bill for $40..=
. something. Shaken I called the credit card company. Altho I had cancele=
d his cards following his demise here comes a bill! We always joked how he =
spent money but this was too much.
After digging around in their data base I was told the card had been incorr=
ectly canceled. The company had changed hands twice since the card had been=
issued. I asked them to cancel the card at once and get me to the billing=
people. Seems he was being billed for credit card protection. I canceled =
that. No further charges has he put on his defunct card. Requiesat in pace=
Patti in humid NE GA