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ot: dire safety warning: beware false clowns!

updated sat 12 jun 10


James Freeman on fri 11 jun 10

This is a warning to everyone. Beware false clowns. Make sure you
only deal with real clowns.

From the Associated Press:

June 10, 2010

SAN SALVADOR, El Salvador (AP) =3D97 About 100 professional clowns who
make money by performing on public buses marched through Salvadoran
capital Thursday to protest the killing of a passenger by two impostor

On Monday, a man was shot... when he declined to give money to two
assailants dressed as clowns who boarded a public bus. No one has been

The protesters =3D97 wearing oversized bow ties, tiny hats and big yellow
pants =3D97 marched down San Salvador's main street in an effort to both
entertain and educate passersby. Several held signs insisting that
real clowns are not criminals.

"We are protesting so that people know we are not killers," said
professional clown Ana Noelia Ramirez. "The people who did this are
not clowns. They unfortunately used our costume and our makeup to
commit a monstrous act."

Clown-union leader Carlos Vasquez says he plans to issue IDs to all
real clowns and urge police to detain those who do not have them.


Just looking out for you all. I'm going to stop wearing my oversized
bow tie, tiny hat, and big yellow pants, at least for a while, and
suggest you do the same.

Take care.


James Freeman

"All I say is by way of discourse, and nothing by way of advice. I
should not speak so boldly if it were my due to be believed."
-Michel de Montaigne