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selling off all of my glaze materials in south minneapolis.

updated fri 11 jun 10


Daniel Soderstrom on thu 10 jun 10

Hi everyone! I am selling all of my raw materials for making glazes. I h=
hundreds of pounds of stuff including clays, frits, feldspars, oxides etc=
... I am=3D20
selling the entire lot. I am guessing that there is at least $800 worth o=
f glaze=3D20
materials here. In the interest of cleaning out my (South Minneapolis) ho=
studio of chemicals, I won't be splitting the lot, so if you are interest=
ed, be=3D20
prepared to take a lot of stuff with you. The following is what is includ=

Ceramic Glaze Chemicals:=3D20

Gerstley Borate: 17 lbs.=3D20
Alumina Hydrate: 25 lbs.=3D20
Bone Ash: 23 lbs.=3D20
G200 Feldspar: 25 lbs.=3D20
Red Iron Oxide: 12 lbs.=3D20
Bentonite: 8 lbs.=3D20
Nephaline Syenite: 30 lbs.=3D20
Strontium Carbonate: 10 lbs.=3D20
Soda Ash: 5 lbs.=3D20
Spodumene: 5l bs.=3D20
Flint 325m: 25 lbs.=3D20
Kentucky OM4 Ball Clay: 50 lbs.=3D20
EPK: 20 lbs.=3D20
Ball Clay: 50 lbs.=3D20
Gillespie Borate: 5 lbs.=3D20
Custer Feldspar: 12 lbs.=3D20
Wollastonite: 30 lbs.=3D20
Lithium Carbonate: 3 lbs.=3D20
Zinc Oxide: 6.5 lbs.=3D20
Dolomite: 2 lbs.=3D20
Borax: 5 lbs.=3D20
Zircopax: 5 lbs.=3D20
Manganese Dioxide: 6 lbs.=3D20
Sodium Silicate: 1 pt.=3D20
Cobalt Carbonate: 1.5 lbs.=3D20
Titanium Dioxide: 2.5 lbs.=3D20
Tin Oxide: 1.75 lbs.=3D20
Nickel Oxide: .5 lbs.=3D20
Chromium Oxide: 1.5 lbs.=3D20
Cobalt Oxide: .1 lbs.=3D20
Frit 3195: 5.5 lbs.=3D20
Frit 3124: 6 lbs.=3D20
Frit 3134: 4 lbs.=3D20
Black Mason Stain: .75 lbs.=3D20
Silicon Carbonate: 1 lb.=3D20
Illmenite: 1 lb.=3D20
Whiting: 32 lbs.=3D20
Talc (Steatite): 47 lbs.=3D20
Talc (Nytal): 18 lbs.=3D20
Cornwall Stone: 25 lbs.=3D20
Dolomite: 25 lbs.=3D20
Kona f4 feldspar: 25lbs.=3D20
Rutile: 4.5 lbs.=3D20
Zircopax: 5 lbs.=3D20

Sorry the list is not in any sort of order, other that the order that I w=
rote them=3D20
down. Please let me know if you have any questions!=3D20