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paper clay spackle

updated wed 2 jun 10


Elizabeth Priddy on tue 1 jun 10

Paper clay can repair even completely separated pieces.
Whether it is worth it depends on how far along the
jar was when you saw the crack.

To make, 1 cup powdered clay of same type of clay to mend,
2 cups of dissolved unscented one ply (Scott) toilet tissue,
2 cups of water (or until it makes peanut butter consistency),
one spoonful of vinegar or bleach if you are going to keep
it around, but I make it fresh when I need it.
Blend. Use like spackle.

I made a giant batch of it and let it dry in the sun, so now
I have this dessicated "loaf" of it and I can file off a bit
of it and rehydrate whenever I need some to repair or if I
am joining something tricky.

- ePriddy

Elizabeth Priddy
Beaufort, NC - USA