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updated fri 28 may 10


phil on wed 26 may 10

Certainly in Wood Working, the advent of easily affordable Power Tools - or
the impulse and opportunity to begin Wood Working with them and not with
Hand Tools - changed the probable background of experience a practioner was
liable to have, or ever going to have...since it changed also their present
and future possibilities and interests for all practical concern.

Very few present Carpenters or Cabinetmakers and so on have any meaningful
or significant level of experience or understanding or facility with the
traditional Hand
Tools of their Craft.

Most, began with Power Tools, and, at best, resort to a few brief, grudging
Hand Tool recourses when forced to do so by some aspect of the Work.

When they have any at all, their Hand Tools are typically abused junk, and
were junk to begin with, or, if having been good or meritorious at one
time, and acquired used, came to be in poor condition and abuse under the
and use they get.

It is also extremely rare that any of these practioners ever really
understand very
much about the Power Tools or Stationary Machines they have and use other
than a few
superficialities of expedient imposition of them onto various
Work...following a few rotes from whoever showed them originally, nor
that they will care for or maintain their Power Tools to any degree worth

Most of the Power Tools they will have, were junk to begin with...or, if ol=
and once excellent, or good to begin with, are soon abused and poorly
maintained...then discarded and replaced with new junk which will be abused=
poorly mainteind, and discarded, etc.

Granted, they use them, many are 'professionals', 'career' people and so on=
and, they use them as a
perfunctory rote practiced brutality upon
their indifferently managed Materials, and upon the wider Subject...even as
their 'profession' is a brutality upon the
credulity or ignorance of anyone hiring them.

They typically have only a fairly crude, perfunctory expedient, superficial
sense of any of it, and, over enough
time and experience, they succeed in widening that, to acheive an enlarged,
habituated cynicism, of perfunctory and
superficial brutality and barely even sophomoric appreciation or attains,
with all of
it...with whatever is appropriated into their domain into being traqnslates
into being more of the same.

Indifferent to qualities and conditions of Materials...indifferent to
procedure or method
process...endlessly repeating the worst of any of those to say "I have 30
years of experience!" or other drivel, indifferent and insensitive to their
Work, and to their means and methods, very weak critical insight or grasp,
of their Tools and Machines, low orders of patience, poor planning, and
to having any interest in anything more than that, for their outlook, their
Work, their 'profession'.

You can not tell them anything, since, they already 'know' ( 'know it all' =
and or have excuses and then get testy or puffy-chested about all their
acumen and prowess, if considering their screw ups.

They 'know' their Trade...they 'know' their 'Craft'...they 'know' their
Power Tools.

In that manner of 'knowing'.

This is the ubiquity.

This is the legacy our cultural landscape has succoured.

Who is to judge them?

A public who understands even less than they do...or bosses who are even
more indifferent.

Same with all the once practical 'professions'...with rare exception.

Look at the ongoing quality of 'BP' and their sloppyness and indifference i=
every phase of that Oil Rig and Drilling operation from even before it

What a bunch of incompetents in every single way.

Too big to fail!!!