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paul lewing glaze workshop

updated wed 19 may 99


Paul Lewing on tue 30 dec 97

Paul Lewing has been working with clay and glazes for over 30 years.
He can
explain glaze chemistry to people who don't know a proton from a
This all-day lecture and demonstration will begin with the basics of
chemistry and glaze materials. We will then see two commercial
programs for glaze calculation, "Insight" and "HyperGlaze", and learn
they can and cannot do. Emphasis will be on cone 5-6 and cone 10
but the information applies to any temperature. Some experience with
glazes is necessary, but computer skills and math or chemistry
expertise is
not. One day: $55; $50 1/17 Sat 9:00AM-4:00PM

Manitou Art Center
6606 S. 66th Street
Tacoma Washington 98409

for more information call Sandy Early @ 253-473-9283,

to register: 253-591-5484

Barbra Kates on tue 18 may 99

Just a reminder about the workshop Paul Lewing is teaching in Wa. State.

=22Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Glaze=22. June 5....10 am - 4
at Architektura, Yelm WA (45 minutes south of Tacoma). =2460

This lecture workshop will explore ceramic glazes, their constituent
materials and oxides, and their behavior during firing. We will begin
with a review of the properties of glaze materials, and move on to a
discussion of the method of empirical formula calculation. We will
discuss color response in glazes, surface characteristics, and the
effect of reduction/oxidation of glazes. Particular emphasis will be put
on Cone 10 reduction and Cone 5-6 oxidation. INSIGHT and HyperGlaze
glaze calculation software programs will be demonstrated and discussed
also. Cone 6 =26 10 glaze recipe =26 info handouts will be provided. The
workshop will conclude with a slide show. Bring any glaze recipes you
are having a challenge with, along with a sample of the glaze. Paul
will try to solve the problem.

Paul Lewing is a studio potter in Seattle, WA. He is considered by many
to be an expert in the field of ceramic glaze. Paul was a panelist
speaking about glaze calculation software at NCECA this year. He is a
constant contributor to Clayart discussion group on the internet, and a
valuable resource for many technical questions pertaining to clay,
glazes, techniques and equipment. Paul=92s tile murals and panels are a
testament to his knowledge of glazes and ceramic processes. Paul has
been the President of both Washington Potters Association and
Northwest Designer -Craftsmen and is currently on the National
Advisory Board of the Studio Potter Network. He is also involved with
the Tile Heritage Foundation.