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u.p. morel mushroom art so far

updated thu 20 may 10


gary navarre on wed 19 may 10

Hay Folks,

Looks like I got the wrong link for this years Morel Mushroom photos...

I'm also going to upload the full resolution files of earlier shots I thin=
k would make decent enlargements so folks could order through Fotki easier =
and for making prints to sell along with the pottery at my future "Art For =
All" shows, if I like the Fotki quality. I've adjusted my custom price sett=
ings to reflect Fotki's recent slight increase in their low printing fees. =
I really don't know how to price a photo intended to hang as Art but I thin=
k it should be less than a hand painted painting of any size. I just figure=
d in cost of printing and Fotki's % plus a but more for me and called it go=
od. I suppose I could include my "fancy" equipment but I haven't made enoug=
h from pictures yet to take myself seriously. I did win a cash award in a l=
ocal contest so now it's like clay, "You folks actually wanna give me money=
for this stuff?". Pottery I can handle, this new stuff I could use a hand.=
Any suggestions from photo sellers or if you know how they price it
would be appreciated. I'd hate to be doing a $2 coffee cup deal ya know!

Thanks for the views, pray for rain, and stay in there eh!

Gary Navarre
Navarre Pottery
Navarre Enterprises
Norway, Michigan, USA