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for those of you with face book accounts

updated mon 17 may 10


Deborah Thuman on sun 16 may 10

Yesterday, I got a notice from FB that someone tried to hack into my
account and the attempt was made in Canada. I had to change my password.

I'm suing my employer and the trial is set for November. No, I do not
think these two facts are coincidences. I'm angry. I feel violated.
And I'm more determined than ever not to back down.

I mention this because we often forget that what goes out into
cyberspace is absolutely not private. I've been in seminars teaching
us how to retrieve things that have been "deleted." Attorneys
routinely check out blogs, FB, My Space and any any place you've
posted anything on the internet.

We each need to protect ourselves. It's not just defense attorneys who
are surfing to find what you've posted - it's potential employers.
It's also deranged people. I've had someone try to cyber-stalk me. I
turned the stalker in to FB and never heard from the stalker again.

Learn how to control your privacy settings. Check out who wants to be
your friend. Never heard of this person and you have no friends in
common? It may not be a good idea to be this person's friend.

Most important, if you wouldn't want to see what you've posted on the
front page of the NY Times, perhaps you'd best not post it.

Deb Thuman