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conference timing

updated sun 16 may 10


rickmahaffey@COMCAST.NET on sat 15 may 10

Some folks don't get it.....conferences that are small like ceramics confer=
ences do not have the numbers to get the best dates. NCECA does not bring i=
n much money in the grand scheme of things so smaller ones like the potter'=
s council conference have even less pull when it comes to getting prime dat=

Any conference can only be held when rooms - both hotel and rooms for activ=
ities - are available. That often means that Clay conferences are held on d=
ates that conflict with various things.

I could whine that most NCECA conferences are held, of late, during the fir=
st week of a new term at my school or just before the end of the term. Both=
times are troublesome times to be away from campus. I can't remember when =
the last one happened to be during the break between quarters. It is not a =
big deal to me. I just have to make a decision weather to go or not. Ususal=
ly my students win out. I stay home and get my classes off to a good start =
or help getting all of the work fired at the end of the conferences. You ha=
ve to make choices, I usually chose to be there for my students who are in =

The scheuling is not a plot against me or anyone else. It is a mater of whe=
n the rooms are available. If you have never planned a conference you have =
no idea how many details go into even a small conference. Planners are not =
out to get you and those like you. They are doing the best they can with wh=
at they have to work with.

Rick who is pleased that the Seattle conference just happens, for once, to =
cooincide with the break between quarters for us.