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kathi/mug handles

updated thu 13 may 10


mel jacobson on wed 12 may 10

i am more than with you kathi.
we all have to make those decisions every day.
it is the joy of the potter.
my instructions are always...suggestions.

this is a series that warren mac taught me, and then
fortified by mr. uchida in japan. i don't think i can do
it any other way...beaten into me.

i made thousands of handles in japan.
and, they can be made all the same...exact.

i give complete instructions how to do this in my first book.
it is mostly done with coat hanger calipers, with the small
attachment measured with a paper clip caliper.

you put the handles all lined up on a board with a pencil
mark to determine the length.
so, they start all the same.
then you mark each pot with caliper marks, then
the final length of the handle is measured with the
coat hanger caliper, and clipped off.
turn it, attach it.
easy really.
we are who we are, based on who started us out in life.
mom, dad, warren, mr. uchida. sort of in that order.

i decided years back that if you cannot make a matched
set of mugs, well you ain'ta trained. so, i went and got
trained. never looked back, and made a ton of money from
that year of education. and man, that sort of training is really
hard to do on your own...or at a college or art center.
it is like going to boot camp. you do know what an M1 is
after boot camp...and you never forget. just like perfect handles.
from: minnetonka, mn
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