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updated mon 10 may 10


John Post on sun 9 may 10


If you are learning about glaze chemistry, wrapping your brain around
substituting materials in glazes and understanding the various oxides
can be a challenge.

There is a software program called Glazchem written by Robert Wilt
that has a great teaching tool in it. It's called the Make Suggestion
button. I created two tutorial videos to show you how to use this
button. The first one shows you how to enter a glaze into the
program. The second one shows you how to use the Make Suggestion
button to substitute different materials into your glaze. Make sure
to watch them in HD, there's a little menu button in the bottom right
corner of the video screen to make that selection.

Even though Glazchem is a Windows program, I am running it on my Mac
using a program called Crossover.

You can find it here...

I have also run Glazchem on my Mac using Parallel's software ($99).

Crossover is less expensive ($40) and does not require you to own a
copy of the Windows software to install on your computer. If you try
the Crossover software, after 15 days or so, they will send you a code
to purchase it that gives you 40% of the original price. That brings
the cost down to $24.

You can find Glazchem here

If you are on a Windows machine you won't need Crossover so it will
only cost you $35 to own a copy of Glazchem. If you are on a Mac,
you'll have to get Crossover which with the discount will add $24 to
your cost.

I have used several glaze calculation programs, but the reason I stick
with Glazchem is the Make Suggestion button. It's a great teaching

John Post
Sterling Heights, Michigan

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