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cone 5 or cone 6 porcelain

updated tue 4 may 10


MJ on sat 1 may 10

Hello - I wonder if anyone uses a cone 5 or cone 6 porcelain. If so, can
you get a translucent look at cone 5?

I primarily throw with b-mix and really like it. I have been using a cone
10 variety as I have been using a cone 10 gas kiln at school. Now I have a=
electric kiln and plan to do some cone 5 firings. I recently tried just 1
bag of Coleman porcelain (cone 10) and absolutely loved it. I am wondering
if there is anything similar that matures at cone 5 or cone 6. Any help is

Thx, MJ

Patty on mon 3 may 10

Standard Ceramic Supply has the ingredients and will mix up a batch of what
they call 601 which is a cone 6 porcelain from Tom Turner. A dream to work
with, this porcelain very white and is translucent at cone 6 and it will
slump at anything above cone 6. May also be translucent at cone 5. To get
this clay from Standard Ceramic you have to special order at least a ton.
Laguna Frost is also translucent at cone 6 but I find it harder to work