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wholesale minimums

updated sun 28 dec 97


ClayCoyote on sat 27 dec 97

Hi Cathie

When we started into the wholesale arena a couple of years ago, we set a
minimum at $250 onfirst order. I knew of others that were at $150or no

The principal, I believe, is that the order should be enough to tell the
ultimate customer (retail) that this is a "line" not just a few pots. If
someone likes a pot, they often want to know they can get more of that potters
work. A decent selection implies that more can be had.

We now have a $350 minimum and may raise that. Reasons, besides the one

1. We want to know that a shop is serious about handling our work. The
amount of financial commitement at $350 isn't that large. For us it implies
20-25 pieces.

2. There has to be a decent display in a store in order to sell. Sales people
won't take time to learn about the maker of just a few pieces, customers won't
see it. The minimum needs to be related to what it takes for a decent
display. That also implies that the selection should be made with the display
in mind. You need some large pieces (platters, big bowls), and some tall
pieces to get a balance and be able to bring visual focus to the work.

On reorder, there is no minimum since they should be reordering before they've
sold out.
From your standpoint, with your galley operators hat on, and limited space,
also keep the number of other work low, again, it's better to focus on a few,
than to have a little bit each of many. You'll sell better.

Hope this helps

Tom Wirt
Clay Coyote Pottery
Hutchinson MN