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totally confused / was cone 6 glazes

updated tue 4 may 10


lili krakowski on wed 28 apr 10

1. As explained often before, by me and others, there ARE no c anything =
glazes. There ARE glazes that on X body, fired to Y temp/cone, in Z =3D
atmospeheric conditions produce a glaze that makes a particular potter =3D
happy AND meets the requirements=3D20
demanded of a proper glaze: no leaching, crazing, etc.

2. A glaze is a mixture of materials. These materials provide =3D
ingredients. The proportion of ingredients is what forms the final =3D
glaze. As most of our materials are mined, and mine runs vary, and some =
materials come from different mines altogether, even frits (according to =
teh late, great Mr Isaacs of Hammill and Gillespie) will, can, may vary =3D
from batch to batch.

I do not understand why people who actually can tell a Merlot from a =3D
Rioja and understand red wine is not necessarily a generic thing cannot =3D
appeciate this. NOr can I see why people who understand that a Pippin =3D
is not a Macintosh apply, and you need to adjust your apple-piec filling =
cannot grasp this.

3. Ingredients can be supplied by different materials. =3D20

Lili Krakowski
demanedBe of good courage

John Britt on wed 28 apr 10


Come on! You are like the Zen teacher who says nothing exists while exis=

We have to categorize and label things or how do we talk?

There are cone 6 glazes! Otherwise how can you master them!!!???

John Britt

Maurice Weitman on wed 28 apr 10

At 10:33 -0400 on 4/28/10, John Britt wrote:
>Come on! You are like the Zen teacher who says nothing exists while
>We have to categorize and label things or how do we talk?
>There are cone 6 glazes! Otherwise how can you master them!!!???

Hi, John, Lili, and you all,

Very punny about " can you master them!!!??", John.

In my reading of the MC6G book, its main purpose is pithily printed
on the front cover:

"Improving Durability, Fit, and Aesthetics"

Perhaps Lili (note spelling) was being a bit too strict or nitpicky
(and there are many reasons to be so, and I wouldn't presume to
challenge its usefulness or her right to do so).

My interpretation (uh-oh) of Lili's message was that a potter,
especially a neophyte, would save time, money, energy, and
frustration by NOT using any glaze that's called "cone 6" and expect
it to work (with their clay body in their kiln fired as they wish)

I know very well your expertise, familiarity, and facility with
glazes and their use. You are the man to me and many others who love
your book. But in your quest to free the world of oppressive recipe
hoarders, you may have missed something here.

A good part of MC6G deals with making sure that a glaze formulation
works with the body one is using, how to identify when it is or isn't
working, and how to correct it.

It also goes into very welcome detail about assuring that pots which
may be used for food or drink don't leach harmful chemicals.

Perhaps this is why so many of us recommended it to Linda Mccaleb
(who, as you may recall, started this by saying "I'm looking for a
book on cone 6 glazes. One that will fit my cone 5-6 Porcelain and

A couple of days ago you wrote:
>rather than wasting a lot of time conjecturing, let's ask Linda what
>she thinks.

So in case you missed it, after the kerfuffle about whether she
wanted access to thousands of recipes, including some of those in
MC6G, or "... a book on cone 6 glazes." she wrote "Yes you are right,
I do need to know what to do if there is crazing, or crawling...I do
need and will get the books."


ps John, how do you know that the Zen teacher exists?

pps Lili, it would be helpful to those who were/are( or will be in
years to come) following this thread, and to those who have decided
to ignore this thread, if you would NOT change the subject header.
Maintaining the subject header keeps threads in tact and allows
people to read (or ignore) the entire conversation. Surely someone
who writes as carefully and considerately as you can copy and paste
the subject header into your message.

John Britt on thu 29 apr 10

Maurice and Lily (sorry about the extra L but you are a flower to me!),

Sorry it took so long to reply.

I get kind of depressed and feel inferior when I see the amount of time a=
lengthy replies that you all provide. So I feel I should give you the
satisfaction of at least a decent reply. (It is my personal contribution =
keeping everyone on clayart enraged and engaged.)

First of all, there is no need for being so nice all the time to me Mauri=
when you write: =3D93I know very well your expertise, familiarity and facil=
with glazes and their use. You are the man to me and many others who love=

your book. But in your quest to free the world of oppressive recipe
hoarders, you may have missed something here.=3D94

I appreciate all you do for Clayart and I am sure that anyone who can kee=
p a
listserv in operation in 2010 is surely destined for sainthood.


As for this particular point, Linda M. wanting to make a glaze, I think y=
are way off.

You are reading what you want into her replies. She doesn=3D92t have the mo=
for a $40.00 book!=3D20

I am reminded of the phrase: =3D93When you have a hammer, everything looks =
a nail.=3D94 Unfortunately, for us, every cone 6 problem is not solved by b=
a book.

So, regardless of the merits of Ron and John=3D92s book, she can=3D92t affo=
End of story. Does that mean that she can=3D92t make a glaze!? No. She can =
the recipes and go for it. Remember that this is her first foray into mak=
a glaze. You don=3D92t have to get perfect glaze fit on your first try.=3D2=

Did Michael Jordan make his first shot or did his coach have him sit down=

and read some books on proper form for shooting? No, he just went out and=

played ball!

The problem here is someone passed out the Kool-aid and I missed the
meeting. Clayart is not the QVC show for MC6 or any other book. I assure =
that millions of people have made cone 6 glazes successfully before this
book was written and glazes are currently being made, in spite of not hav=
bought it. I would also venture to say that most people, who bought the
book, just read it lightly and shoot to the recipes and make the glazes a=
fire with slower cooling. I definitely know that most don=3D92t alter them =
fit various bodies or make any changes in their store bought clay, in spi=
of all the dilatometer photos. So despite what everyone who has had the
great tasting Kool-aid says and wants to believe, it=3D92s the recipes that=
people want.

I hate to be realistic here, but remember that most potters are not
engineers and retired scientists. They are creative artists who want to m=
pottery and have some fun doing it. Imagine not having a fat bank account=
steady retirement income and trying to sell pottery for a living. Imagine=

they failed math and science and now, you expect them, on their FIRST
attempt to make a glaze, to balance the CTE of a glaze to a clay body and=

fire it consistently in a kiln that is 100 years old (because they can=3D92=
afford a new one). It is not happening. They are going to get a recipe, m=
it, try it and if it doesn=3D92t work, they will try another recipe. Most a=
not going to go out and get glaze software (let alone do it with a pencil=
and learn what that entails and then adjust a glaze. It is not happening.=

So, we can try to educate all we want and we can push books but the reali=
is that some people just want to make a nice blue glaze to put on their p=
I know that this is scary, but there are potter=3D92s out there using craze=
glazes. Some will move to adjusting glazes and firing correctly but other=

will not.=3D20

But every time someone posts a question about a cone 6 glaze, the answer =
not to buy the book!

Just may useless two cents,

John Britt

p.s. I know the Zen master exists because I water boarded him into admitt=
ing it!

Lee Love on sat 1 may 10

On Thu, Apr 29, 2010 at 9:01 AM, John Britt wr=

> p.s. I know the Zen master exists because I water boarded >him into admit=
ting it!

Zen Masters are abstract concepts to most. I decided to become a
potter while I was an attendant at my Zen Master's funeral. I wanted
to make urns.

Last year was my "year of the tea bowl."
This year is "the year of the covered jar and urn."

Lee, a Mashiko potter in Minneapolis

=3D93Observe the wonders as they occur around you. Don't claim them. Feel
the artistry moving through and be silent.=3D94 --Rumi