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zenlike that... and the art of reference books....

updated tue 20 apr 10


phil on sun 18 apr 10

Hi Marcy, all...

Any experienced, smaller Commercial Printer can Print a Book. whether a one
man Shop, or as may be.

Many now use Electronic Printing means rather than Burning Plates or settin=
Type and so on...but as may be.

If the Burning Plates sort, one would usually elect a Process Camera place
to shoot one's Camera Ready Graphics, according to what the Printer shall

This is simplest, easiest and happiest for everyone, done this way.

Ideally, one obtaines the Paper one's self from a Paper Wholesaler, and,
co-ordinates Paper type and size of Parent Sheets (these being usually abou=
3 by 2 Feet ) with the requirements of the Book and it's format, and,
co-ordinate this to the approval of the Printer him or her self, of course.

Once Printed, one elects a local Bindery, and gets the Printed Pages
coalated and cut and Bound however it is one intended...ideally, having of
couese spoek with them in advance to get those things lined up and clear.

Done right, this ends up being one third, one fourth or even one fifth as
expensive as having some supposed Printer 'publisher' or Book Printing
outfit screw you for the ease of a one stop shop.

PLUS you control everything...fonts, layouts, paper kind, Ink colors,
locations of Illustrations, Margains ( well, within reason and in deference
to the kinds of Presses which shall Print it ) , formats, Cover Stock, Cove=
Art, Copywrite, whatever...

Usually one prepares a Printer's "dummy" which is a rendition of the to-be
finished product, in every detail possible...or, represents however so, the
details and specifications the finished product is to be.

If a Printer does not seem friendly, open, patient, interested,
hard-working, emotionally 'present', then the hell with 'em, go on down the
list and try the next one till you find one who is.

Most supposed Printers are in the Paper re-selling Business first and
printing second, marking up Paper to ghastly heights of profit while doing
the clock glancing wan eyed glad hand for one's little project or other.

Wherein, the Happiest Pilgrims are those who learn enough details of the
Trade to see over their own Projects and specifications, to understand the
subject and talk-the-talk enough to ease the communications with the
Practioner who is to do it, and to supply the Paper themself, for a
sympathetic Printer to do the Printing, and a Bindery to do the Binding,
without being had...and, once the Project is done and done well, one brings
Fresh Flowers, a good Bottle of Scotch and maybe some good Cookies and a
real Handshake and Heartfelt "Thanks!" to the Printer and his employees who
did such a nice and caring Job of one's Book or other...and as may be also
to the Bindery.

And, you ever need them again, everyone is glad to see you and your next
Project walkin' in the Door...even if it's years later.

Like that...



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From: "marci and rex"

> John said:
> "
> Publish it yourself. "
> HI John,
> Thanks for the great email ... I think I have access to all
> the things I d need ( proofreading , design etc ) .. The
> biggest determent is the $$$$$...
> So what else is new? LOL !....
> Any suggestions on how to find a good print company that will do
> a decent job without demanding an arm and a liver?
> marci


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