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^9 blue request

updated sun 28 dec 97


Tracy Wilson on fri 26 dec 97

With all this talk about blues...
Does anyone have a favorite =5E9-=5E10 reduction glaze that fires blue that =
be willing to share? I've had a few replies to a request for a slate blue =
How about glossy deep blue or Blue Hare or soft blue, whatever. I'm so sick=
my blue palette. I'm ready to throw them out and breathe a little new life =
the kiln. I'll gladly swap the recipes for my three used glazes (Broken =
Colonial Blue and Birds Beak Blue) with anyone that emails me with a Blue =
recipe. TIA Very Much=21

Tracy Wilson
Saltbox Pottery
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Woolwich, ME 04579
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fax: 207-442-8922

Malone & Dean McRaine on sat 27 dec 97

Aloha Tracy
Here's a blue from Brad Sondahl's website that I tried and liked. I am
looking for the ultimate blue, too, till I do I'll be blue, too, will you??
I don't like cold cobalt blues, rather the rutile or tourquoise type.
Thanks Brad.

Dean, another dull day in paridise.

Glaze name: 87 pale blue semigloss

Date: 02/06/97

Recipe: (Percent, Batch)

Custer feldspar 21.20 21.20
Whiting 19.40 19.40
Zinc oxide 6.50 6.50
Kaolin 9.70 9.70
Flint 19.40 19.40
Zircopax 16.20 16.20
Spodumene 4.90 4.90
Copper carbonate 1.10 1.10
Cobalt carbonate 0.50 0.50
Rutile 1.10 1.10
-------- --------
Totals: 100.00 100.00