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design your own glaze workshop in santa clara,ca.

updated fri 9 apr 10


Chic Lotz on thu 8 apr 10

"Design and Alter Mid and High Fire Glazes" using glaze calculation
software as a tool with Chic Lotz. Clay-Planet in Santa Clara, CA. Two
weekends: April 16 (6-9pm) 17, 18 and 24, 25 (9-5pm).

For students who mix glazes and want to learn how to create new ones
with the characteristics they desire. Learn about each glaze
ingredient, its function in the glaze, which ingredients can be
substituted for others, how to alter recipes and how to bring ^10
glazes down to ^6. You will perform hands-on mixing and firing of line
blends. Create stable glazes for dinnerware and textural and matte
glazes for sculpture. Plus learn to use computer calculation software
to design your own glaze with the characteristics and color you
desire, then mix and test fire it. This information works for any
firing temperature, but we will be test-firing at ^6 for the workshop.

Chic makes it simple with her color-coded chart of glaze ingredients
showing how varying the ratios of 3 major glaze components affects
stability, color, firing temperature, glaze fit and glaze surface. Her
step-by-step teaching method will demystify Weight % and the Unity
Molecular Formula for comparing and designing glaze recipes. You too
can "get it" about glazes! For details:
or For questions, please email

Chic Lotz