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latest ^6 reduction firing photos on the blog

updated mon 5 apr 10


Deborah Thuman on sun 4 apr 10

We got surprises in this load. I welcome all explanations, comments,
guesses, whatever from the glaze experts on the list. I can't figure
out why I got such radically different results this time. The only
difference was.... Deb the not brilliant forgot to check the damper
before firing so the candling and the first 1/2 hour were done with
the damper closed. Then oxidation to ^08. From ^08 to ^1, reduction.
Then oxidation to ^5 down. Then.. I turned off the inner burners and
turned the outer burners way down. I left the damper open and left
the kiln lit for a half hour. Then I shut everything down, closed the
damper, plugged the peep holes, and let the kiln cool naturally. We've
been having mild nights so it didn't get cold. Jim opened the damper
this morning and took the plugs out of the peep holes. When he could
stick a finger in the peep hole and it felt slightly warmer than body
temp, he cracked the door. When cool, he unloaded.

Thanks for looking.

Deb Thuman