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cutting kiln shelves...taylor

updated sun 4 apr 10


Richard Aerni on sat 3 apr 10

I can't quibble with anything that's been suggested...I'm just going to =3D
add another option. If you have a circular saw, then you can get a =3D
masonry blade for it for little cost. I've cut hard brick with this, no =
problem. I would be more comfortable doing this on a cordierite shelf =3D
than I would on a silicon carbide one. For silicone carbide, I would =3D
use the blade to score both sides 1/8-1/4 inch deep, and then use a =3D
brick chisel to tap it until it comes apart. =3D20
Good luck! tropical Rochester, NY...high 80s today!
Richard Aerni
Rochester, NY =3D20