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what exactly is american culture?/ tampa 2011 pc show

updated thu 25 mar 10


Chris Campbell on wed 24 mar 10

> Isn't there an upcoming Potters Council show
> that has to do with the shoulders we stand on?

YES, there is a juried show coming up for the
Tampa NCECA in 2011.

It is all about our foundations, our supports.
What an excellent idea to follow your own cultural

So often we think we should look abroad for
inspiration when the most fertile soil could be in
our own neighborhoods ... our families ... our own

This PC Show will be a celebration of those that
shape us and support us. The cultures that nourished
us ... the teachers who taught us - not just pottery
teachers either ... did that English teacher inspire the
artist in you?

We want to encourage the widest scope to the
definition of 'shoulders' ... those that gave you roots
so you could spread your wings ...

We have a large gallery area in Tampa and we are
looking forward to a huge number of entries.

You have until September ... so strut your stuff!

Chris Campbell - in North Carolina

Chris Campbell
President, Potters Council
Designs in Colored Porcelain

May 28 - 30, 2010
Atlanta Georgia
Hosted by: Spruill Center for the Arts
Chris Campbell, Marko Fields, Patz Fowle,
Mitch Lyons, Sandi Pierantozzi & Kathy Triplett

*** ONLY 3 SPOTS LEFT so don't wait!