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workshop in georgia

updated mon 8 mar 10


mel jacobson on sun 7 mar 10

The Teapot Form : Utilitarian vs Miniature with Fong Choo
May 22-23 10am - 5pm Cost 250.00

Recognized for his signature miniature teapots, during this workshop
Fong will explore and demonstrate in detail the teapot form with
reference to the perspective of proportions: from the large to the small
and from the whimsical to the utilitarian.

Through the creation of the Teapot form participants will inevitably
develop skills in handling clay, acquire a better sense of craftsmanship
and without doubt exercise better visual creative skills by virtue of the

Additionally, there will be discussions with glazing through the use of
the spray gun and brush layering to achieve the jewel tone and other

There will be ongoing in-studio discussions.
There will be a tool making demonstrations.
There will be a cane handle demonstrations.

Examples of the artist=3DE2=3D80=3D99s actual work will be on display for u=
se as=3D
references. And, if time permits, a slide=3D20
presentation of some of his early work to the current

Rose Handy

125 N Broad St--- Gallery and Retail
120 N Wayne Street --- Classes
Monroe Georgia 30655

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