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fwd: vancouver island tourism video

updated sun 7 mar 10


Les on sat 6 mar 10

I don't know if this will pass as it is a "bit" off subject but I =3D
thought y'all might like to see where some of us in Canada live. This =3D
is Vancouver Island.

Les Crimp.

Begin forwarded message:

> From: Tourism Vancouver Island
> Date: March 5, 2010 4:08:31 PM PST
> To: Tourism Vancouver Island
> Subject: Vancouver Island Tourism Video
> Greetings,
> =3D20
> For the past few years, Tourism Vancouver Island has been =3D
strategically working on a 2010 & Beyond project. This project =3D
consisted of a number of components leading up to the 2010 Winter =3D
Olympic and Paralympic Games, one of them being the development of a =3D
12-minute tourism video showcasing Vancouver Island and the Sunshine =3D
Coast. With the generous help of the Island Coastal Economic Trust =3D
(ICET), we are pleased to present you with the final product. This =3D
footage is high-definition quality and captures just a taste of what =3D
Vancouver Island and the Sunshine Coast have to offer.=3D20
> =3D20
> Full 12-minute video:
> =3D20
> Intro:
> Time To Savour: =3D
> Tee Time:
> Time to Bloom: =3D
> Wild Time:
> Timeless Culture: =3D
> Adventure Time: =3D
> Winter Time: =3D
> Best of Times: =3D
> Credits and Awards: =3D
> =3D20
> We are extremely excited about the completion of this project and =3D
would like to thank all those who helped make this a success. Feel free =
to link to these video clips from your website, social media sites, in =3D
correspondences, etc.
> =3D20
> If you are interested in using the video footage for your own =3D
marketing initiatives, contact Denise Le Gal, Marketing Manager (250) =3D
> =3D20
> Kind regards,
> =3D20
> Tourism Vancouver Island