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clay hardness at cone 6

updated wed 10 mar 10


mel jacobson on tue 9 mar 10

this is not science, just observation:
clay bodies must match the temp you are firing.
if you take a really refractory cone ten body and fire
to cone six it will not be as tough as to cone ten or eleven.
just makes sense.

in the past, when we tried to fire cone ten bodies
at the high school to lets say, cone 5, they would not
vitrify. tiny leaks.
we just lived with it. ( we would add a little talc to our re/cycle stuff.=

now, clay companies are making bodies for cone six.
they should be just fine. just find the one that fits your work.
(or, get a pug mill and re/build your own clay. modify to fit your work.)

i would listen to jeff zamek. smart guy.
thanks john britt for looking into this subject. very important stuff.
from: minnetonka, mn
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