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^6 reduction discussion clayart room

updated sat 20 mar 10


William & Susan Schran User on fri 19 mar 10

Looks like we will have a gathering of experienced minds in the Clayart roo=
at 1pm on Wednesday to discuss ^6 reduction glazes.

I will bring recipes & samples.
I will also bring cups with combinations of glazes.
I will show one to Mel and he will call me a bastard because I'm getting
these results at ^6 instead of ^13.

Ron Roy and Diana Pancioli will be there.
Ron will be the brains, held in reserve for the tough questions.
Diana did the "Glaze It Forward" project with ^6 reduction, she will add he=
thoughts and discoveries.
Marcia Selsor may be able to be there, depending on her schedule - she
taught ^6 reduction for 20 years and I'm sure will have much to add.

Diana will be conducting a extruder presentation with a special die she
created for producing large handbuilt pots starting at 12pm.

Bring your lunch for Diana's presentation and stay for the ^6 reduction


William "Bill" Schran