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olympic freedom oval kiln - tucson az

updated fri 5 mar 10


Maxine Peace Potter on thu 4 mar 10


Hi I am listing this for a friend.
If you are interested in the kiln, contact Connie
at 400 0949

Great for sculptors with large pieces, or studios that fire a lot of pieces=
or school art departments!!

I have had the kiln for about 1 1/2 years. It's been fired 14 times and
it is used. This is a very large electric kiln with an electronic kiln
sitter and Orton Vent Master Kiln Vent,. If purchased new it would be
about $4000
plus tax and shipping. Kiln Furniture, cones, and any wet/dry glazes I ha=
ve is included.

* 56 amps at 240v, 13440 watts Cone 10
* 37"x 25" oval x 27" Deep (inside)
* 11.9 cubic feet
* Shipping weight 637 lbs.
* Requires 70 amp circuit.

Asking $2750.00