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clay or art ?

updated sun 21 dec 97


Ditmar/Gayle on sat 20 dec 97

My observations......
Many artists will always be unsung heroes. Art that has it's roots in
function has a difficult time breaking free of that stigma in many people's
Had the original and traditional use of watercolors been as placemats, or
oil paintings as serving trays, I'm quite sure that those art forms
wouldn't be so exalted.

Many sculptors that were the starving artists of their time are collected
and admired, books written about them. But how often have biographies been
written about the toiling masons and carvers that produced the great
architectural and artistic wonders of European cathedrals and other
buildings ?

Art is a very relative thing. A small fetish thrown aside in an Asian hut,
is given a focal point by collectors in a Western museum. Plastic toys from
Cracker-Jacks are found on necklaces of high esteem in some parts of the

If it's 60 below outside, you and your loved ones are in danger of freezing
to death, and the only fuel is a room full of Louis XIV or firewood ?

Sometimes art is transient, some of the most beautiful flower leis are
meant to be enjoyed for the moment.

I don't know what the answer is. Just that the creation of art fulfils some
need inside ourselves. Having someone else feel something for your piece is
another kind of fulfillment, whether they call it art or not.

Ultimately it is inside ourselves that we feel "art".

From Alohaland, Ditmar.

( Sorry if this is posted more than once.....I'm having trouble with my
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