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new book, potters of japan

updated fri 19 feb 10


bill geisinger on thu 18 feb 10

Potters of Japan a new book due out in May 2010 is looking for your help i=
being printed. *When you pledge $25 you will receive a copy of the book
delivered to your home in May just after it is received in Sebastopol. Your
credit card will not be charged until May 1st when the pledge drive is
complete. If we do not reach the goal your card will not be charged and the
book will not be printed by May.*

We have just completed one week of pledges. May 1st will be here in 71 days=
There are 36 backers and 2/3 of the original goal has been raised in just
one week! The original goal is 40% of the actual printing costs. A $25
pledge will insure a copy will be sent to your home as soon as they arrive
in my Sebastopol studio.

You may make a pledge through Kickstarter at this web address:

Kickstarter is related to and all credit card charges are throug=

If you have a relatively new computer last ten years, and at least a dsl
connection. Please try downloading Realplayer at they
have a free download. Install realplayer on your computer Then under the
file menu select open location and paste this address in


and enjoy. It=3D92s the Peeler film in all its glory. .

Domo arigato gozaimashita, please pass this to people you know.

bill in sebastopol