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i got it wrong!! re: facebook: it owns copyright on your images

updated thu 18 feb 10


John Rodgers on tue 16 feb 10

Kill this post please!!!!

I got it wrong - didn't read far enough!!

John Rodgers
Clayartist and Moldmaker
88'GL VW Bus Driver
Chelsea, AL

John Rodgers wrote:
> Dear Clayfolk:
> Warning: Facebook claims copyright on every image you put on the site.
> This is crooked as hell but it may be legal in some countries eg USA.
> With the big bucks behind this organization, you would have a difficult
> time pressing the issue otherwise.
> This is why you should ALWAYS us Flickr, or Picasso,etc, for pictures
> about which you care.
> Yes, I use Facebook, but I'm about to pull the plug!!