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cannon fire

updated wed 17 feb 10


Bill Merrill on mon 15 feb 10

When sending something like this to the entire Clayart list, which =3D
doesn't concern everyone, why not write to the person you have an issue =3D
with? If it is sent to Clayart, at least address to whom you are =3D
referring to.
This type of thing is why I send less and less to Clayart. It is just =3D
getting too petty and not up to conduct appropriate for an adult.
Bill Merrill =3D20
It is always good to fire an arrow into someone from time to time but I =3D
this time you fired a cannon. There was no need to go into this tirade. =
I think
you were a bit hard on some of us on the list.

Yet. You did not explain your knowledge of why? Bla, bla bla.