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chinese clay art news feburary

updated mon 15 feb 10


Guangzhen Zhou on sat 13 feb 10

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version of=3D20
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Happy Chinese New Year of Tiger! -from the editer Po Zhou



The new Chinese lunar year is coming=3D2C and it
is on February 14=3D2C the same day as
Valentine's day. I wish all of you health=3D2C
happiness and productivity in art and keep
growing your business as a tiger with wings!=3D20

The Grand Prize Winner of the 4th International Teapot Competition and Show=
at Saddleback College=3D2C California
February 11th was the opening of the show.
Over eighty exhibits were selected from more
than 300 entries this time. The exhibition is
growing. There are so many powerful teapots
and such a variation of styles and forms.
There were over twenty pieces sold on the
first day. Many of them were purchased by one
of the largest teapot collectors in southern

The Grand Prize winner is Kevin Chamberlain=3D2C
Iowa City. He will join our "Ceramic China
Tour " in June this year. His piece is titled
"Arachnipo". It is a tiny=3D2C very delicate and
highly realistic sculpture of a spider with a
variation of the glaze affects. On top of the
spider is the unglazed handle and spout=3D3B
underneath=3D2C five tips legs standing on the
small pedestal. If you look at it carefully=3D2C
there is the tiny body part of another spider
sticking out from the pedestal. The pedestal
is part of the artwork.=3D20

I would like to thank all of the artists who
have participated in the exhibition this time
and during the past years. If I missed your
piece this time=3D2C please don't feel
disappointed. I am just one person's eye with
my own personal preference. Also=3D2C I would
like to express my appreciation to Dr. Tony
Huntley at Saddleback College=3D2C who gave me
the chance to be the juror of the show=3D2C and
his colleagues -- the gallery team=3D2C who have
been contributing a lot of energy and time
for this show. It has been seven years since
the first International Teapot Competition
and Show started at Saddleback College. I am
very impressed by the development of this show.=3D20

Chinese Artist Zhangfa Qian will visit the US
As a residence artist=3D2C the Chinese Artist Mr.
Zhangfa Qian will visit the US and stay at
Saddleback College=3D2C Mission Viejo=3D2C California
for one month. His artworks are unique. =3D20

Zhangfa Qian is a member of China National
Ceramic Industry Association=3D2C a member of
Chinese National Arts and Craft Association
and a member of Zejiang Artists' Association.

Mr. Qian was born in 1966 at Changxing
Zejiang Province=3D2C which is about a 40-minute
drive from the Purple Sand Teapot Town. In
1985=3D2C he studied at the ceramics department
at Chinese Academy of Arts. Also=3D2C he has
learned traditional Yixing techniques from a
local master.=3D20

Since 1990=3D2C he has received many prizes from
national ceramic art competitions and his
works have been collected by many art museums
in Korea=3D2C Japan and China.
The scholarship for Ceramic China tour
We are offering a scholarship for artists and
educators (we may arrange a slides talk in
one of the art schools in China). If anyone
is interested in the program=3D2C please send
your resume and five images of your works
through email to

The tour application form is online at
About the underglaze decal
From Barbara Brown=3D2C Sunnyvalle=3D2C=3D20

Here is the information on using the decals I
got from=3D20
Suzanne Wolfe who is an expert in this. My
first project=3D20
was with my lowfire class. We used lowfire
white clay
(cone 04) from Clay Planet. We made the
piece=3D2C let it=3D20
dry a week=3D2C followed Suzanne's instructions=3D2C
fired in=3D20
bisque kiln to 04=3D2C(one student left the paper
on the=3D20
piece when it went into the bisque kiln.=3D20
This is not a=3D20
good idea=3D2C the paper should be peeled off and
away before firing). The next week we put
lowfire clear=3D20
glaze on piece and glaze fired it to 06.=3D20
They turned out=3D20

I then took the idea to my highfire class and
we made=3D20
piece=3D2C let dry=3D2C put on decals=3D2C bisque fired
to 04. Next=3D20
week we put highfire transparent glaze on
piece and=3D20
fired it to cone 10. Some students used Bmix
some porcelain. The porcelain pieces came
out the=3D20
best. So from now on I will use porcelain
when doing=3D20
this project with my students in high fire
I had a book about a Chinese potter with
pictures of=3D20
his work and it looked like he used decals on
top of=3D20
glaze so I tried one piece this way. I
bisque fired the=3D20
piece=3D2C then glazed the piece with 2 glazes (1
on each=3D20
half of the tray). One glaze was gloss white
and the=3D20
other waxy white. I then layed the decal
over the wet=3D20
glaze and took a brush and brushed on more water=3D20
until the decal came off the paper. Threw
the paper=3D20
away. Put the piece into kiln and fired it
to cone 10. It=3D20
came out ok but the blue decal design is not
nearly as=3D20
bright as it is fired on greenware and then
glazed with=3D20
transparent. So I will not do that decal on
top glaze=3D20
project again.

My Sunnyvale students are excited with the=3D20
possibilities of using underglaze decals and
I will=3D20
share the lesson with my students at Palo
Alto when=3D20
we start class on the 14th.
You are welcome to take any of this
information and=3D20
condense it and share it with people who buy the=3D20
decals from you.

From Suzanne Wolfe=3D2C Hawaii=3D2C USA

Decals -- tissue transfers. Use on bone dry
clay. =3D20
Face down=3D2C Squeeze water underneath -
between the=3D20
decal face and the clay. Let surface lose
sheen=3D2C and=3D20
remove carefully. If some color is left
behind=3D2C squeeze=3D20
a little more water in between and wait a
little longer. I=3D20
have fired to both low and high fire equally
well. High=3D20
temp we bisque to cone 06 and glaze to cone 9 --=3D20
every color is fine. Low fire we bisque to
cone 04 and=3D20
glaze to cone 06 -- every color is fine.
Hope this helps.=3D20

New Products
CH 17=3D2C Adjustable Tri-Blade Slab
Cutter=3D2C W.=3D20
16" (cutting space). $58.00

Made out of aluminum alloy tube with three
stainless-steel blades

CM 03=3D2C Tube Shaped Carving Set=3D2C 17 pieces=3D20
L. 6.5"=3D2C $29.00=3D20

Made out of stainless steel with 34 different
carving knives


SR 15=3D2C Serrated Scraper=3D2C Stainless Steel=3D2C=3D20

New Decals=3D2C please click

DC 821=3D2C "Wood Surface" Decal=3D2C
14.25" x 9.75"=3D2C $6.00

Easer to make supper-realism clay works. The
may change your clay work to be a wood surface=3D20

Underglaze Decals=3D2C different patterns:=3D20
Dragon=3D2C Harp=3D20
Fish=3D2C Flowers=3D2C Sea Shell=3D2C Mini-Cubic=3D2C Fans.

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