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fw: sharing pottery selling tips

updated sun 14 feb 10


liz gowen on sat 13 feb 10

Paul I'd like to take you up on the offer . I have relocated to 3 =3D
states since I started pottery 40 years ago.GASP ( Has it been that =3D
long) My
first state was Pa. Where I sold some, moved to NJ for a larger studio =3D
I could get in Pa. But worked a very time intensive job to pay for that
house. I didn't sell much there it was a strange market. I am now in De. =
more affordable digs,resetting up my studio area but need to reestablish
myself here. I have acquired some physical handicaps from an accident =3D
limits packing up and going to shows so must look for more physically
friendly venues to start again.
Paul I would love to hear some of the things you do to sell you
pottery as I am sure others would and perhaps I can get the ball rolling
down here Thanks...Liz Gowen

Paul wrote:
. an interesting discussion, i think, could start with something like =3D
those who earn any substantial amount of money off the pots you make, =3D
how do
you do it?" i don't think it really matters whether selling pots is your
only source of income - but it is very interesting to hear about those =3D
do earn an income from their pots and how they manage to do it - and how
they got started in the first place (which i think is the hardest part =3D
most). i would be happy to share a bit about what works for me,=3D20