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warehouse workshop at tucker's

updated fri 12 feb 10


tony clennell on thu 11 feb 10

It's been a heckava week. Tuesday at Sheridan, Wednesday and Thursday
filming our 4th DVD, off to Tucker's tomorrow and Saturday, rest
Sunday , load and fire wood kiln with the Sheridan gang Monday and
Frank Tucker and I go back a loooooooong way. I will make some pieces
in his warehouse tomorrow and then up to Frank's to stay over, catch
up on The Missing Years and then I go on stage in front of 75 people.
Frank packed the house and has been turning people away. There are
conferences that don't get that many people. I have to do the entire
workshop in one day which is going to be a streeeeeetch since
composite throwing is my forte. I have a young first year Sheridan
student Paul Leithwood as my assistant. Paul is what I call a rink
rat. He never leaves the rink. His throwing skills are superior to
many of the third years. Here is a guy that wants to make pots. This
is a rare find these days. Most want a gallery show once a year and
lots of time for cafe au lait with cinnamon sprinkles on top.
Here is where the conversation about what is a professional potter
should start. What are you willing to do to be one??? Are you willing
to eat, drink and sleep in the studio for many, many years?
I have hopes for Paul and I will do my best to make people aware of
his work and his work ethic this weekend. He's not ready to leave the
rink for a few years but watch that name- Paul Liethwood.
Have a great weekend everyone. I'll be turnin' and burnin"

Workshop Feb 13th
Tucker's Pottery Supply-Lies, lies and more lies
La Meridiana, Italy April 25/May 8th- workshop is full
Calgary May 14,15, 16 Mount Pleasant Arts Centre