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gulf coast clay conference

updated tue 9 feb 10


John Britt on mon 8 feb 10

The Gulf Coast Clay Conference is coming up this Thursday, Friday and
Saturday!! Feb 11, 12 and 13, 2010.

If you like shino and wood firing this is the place for you, along with a=

ton of other assorted goodies. They will have lots of demos including
throwing, handle making, etc.

I will be showing about 50 shino tests on porcelain, stoneware and dark
stoneware which were fired in 4 firings and on Saturday they will be pull=
from the Anagama. So you will see shino tests that would take you weeks,
months if not years to test yourself. I will also have a bunch of tea bow=
with the test glazes repeated.

If you are tired of snow, this may be just the ticket! In Pensacola Flori=
really cheap, especially if you are a student, tons of fun for everyone!

Let's get this thing started!

John Britt