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more versa color colors, big discounts

updated mon 8 feb 10


Rimas VisGirda on sun 7 feb 10

I have acquired additional AMACO Versa Color overglaze colors, both water b=
ase and oil base. All are suitable for ceramics and metal enameling; good f=
or china painting, silk screen, pen, free brush painting. I have water base=
1/4 oz tubes and oil base 1/4 oz tubes and oil base 2 oz jars. I have way =
too much material and am offering a big discount for quantity purchases.

Water base and oil base tubes $2.50 each or $1.00 each for 10 or more
Oil base jars $10.00 each or $5.00 each for 5 or more

Email me for a complete listing of available colors. Regards, -Rimas