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japanese potter catalogs

updated fri 19 dec 97


Robert Yellin on thu 18 dec 97

Hello all you togeika's(potters)-
I'm wondering if any of you would like to purchase exhibition catalogs
of Japanese potters. As many of you know, exhibitions often have
color catalogs. Back catalogs of Hamada, Leach, Kawai, Rosanjin,
Arakawa, well you name it and also all the contemporaries are available.
I have in front of me a catalog from a 1984 nation-wide exhibition of
Sozan(Toyo's brother-Bizen) which has 150 pieces shown in color, mostly
Bizen tea wares,
as well as Karatsu, Shigaraki, and other styles. If any of you out there
interested in this catalog or any potter's catalogs, please contact me
directly at:
Sipping sake in Numazu,
Robert Yellin