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updated wed 27 jan 10


lili krakowski on tue 26 jan 10

Have no suggestions to offer re: the actual tile problem. But: the =3D
plastic racks that bakeries deliver bread on crack easily, and the =3D
delivery people groceries discard them. For drying pottery I find these =
excellent: either lined with newspaper or "plain". And the grocery or =3D
driver will give them to you.

No idea where or when this comes from: make a small loaf of clay let it =3D
get leather hard, grate it on a regular kitchen grater so you get =3D
pea-sized pieces. Bisque them. Excellent little "rollers" or ball =3D
bearings for large pieces.

While kindly meant the cost of getting the bowls to Haiti alone would =3D
buy a lot of plastic or metal bowls. Certainly giving pots to an =3D
auction raising money for Haiti is a great idea; but making bowls? =3D
Among other considerations: when you are living life in the ruins a =3D
ceramic--breakable--object will be broken.

Lili Krakowski
Be of good courage