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fwd: marketing question.

updated fri 22 jan 10


Paul Borian on thu 21 jan 10

sounds like a pain to me, especially if you do any wholesale at all because
that would make it more compliated for buyers to order from you and open
the door for all kinds of problems.
But, if you only retail, you can do whatever you want. If i was in the same
situation i would limit the porcelain to just a few items - the ones where
it really looks best, and maybe do those items only with porcelain to make
it simpler.
BTW why do you think porcelain would be a problem for oven ware? My
understanding is that it is better than many stonewares - but perhaps the
tech experts here will correct me...


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From: Dan Pfeiffer
Date: Jan 21, 2010 9:06am
Subject: marketing question.

> Good day all,

> We have starting making a number of pots in both porcelain and stoneware,
> in

> some cases the same shape in both clays. This leads me to question if thi=

> is a good thing as the porcelain looks better that the stoneware. I doubt
> we

> can up the price much for the porcelain and got to wandering if others do

> this and if it is a problem. I could see if we bring both to a show the

> porcelain might hurt the stoneware sells. I do like the feel of throwing

> porcelain but do not want to move to just porcelain as some of our pots
> are

> oven were. Any words of wisdom on mixing clay types?

> Thank,

> Dan & Laurel