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the books we buy: my flackjacket on........the salt experienc=

updated mon 18 jan 10


Antoinette Badenhorst on sun 17 jan 10


Lili wrote:=3D20

"I love Ron/John's book. =3DC2=3DA0That is not it. =3DC2=3DA0I thought and =
think Rh=3D
odes's books fabulous......................Both Leach and Cardew are kinda =
cult figures by now...BUT there are excellent wonderful useful, indispensab=
le books out there, by Brits and others, books that should be owned read, l=
earned from.=3DC2=3DA0=3DC2=3DA0=3D20
Michael Bailey,=3D20
Emmanuel Cooper, Tony Birks, Michael Casson--wonderful, useful books.=3D20
The whole "Ceramics Skillbooks" series...excellent books. =3DC2=3DA0Harry F=
r has been mentionned. =3DC2=3DA0Elsbeth S. Woody=3DC2=3DA0=3DC2=3DA0=3DC2=
=3DA0Not to menti=3D
on Robin Hopper, and Robert Fournier...There are plenty more--=3D20
Daniel de Montmollin Several of these books are available in translation...=
into French, Spanish, German (Elsbeteh may have written =3DC2=3DA0hers in G=
n first.)"=3D20


After I read your list I stood up to see how many of these authors are on m=
y bookshelve. It is quite an impressive list you have there! I have all the=
ones Jon recommends. Question is how much we really read and use those boo=

There was a time that I kept all my books at my bedside and made notes in t=
hem, carried them to my studio and litterally worked from them. These days =
I=3DC2=3DA0mostly grap them, for references.=3D20

There is something very important about reading books internationally; it o=
pes up=3DC2=3DA0ones mind and one learns that there are many ways to skin a=
. I am in the fortunate position that I leared mostly from English books, i=
n South Africa and then had the opportunity to resume with my learning expe=
rience in American books after we moved here.=3D20

Coming from an Afrikaans background, I remember how difficult it was for me=
those years=3DC2=3DA0to read and understand general English, what to say t=
ical English:=3D20

One incident that stands out clear in my mind, was when I first read about =
salt in the kiln. At the time I knew nothing about kilns. My husband bought=
me an old top loader (R400=3DC2=3DA0=3D3D about $5 today!) =3DC2=3DA0with =
which I le=3D
arned the hard way about kiln dirt. We had to handshape elements for this t=
hing, since we were miles away from any civilization and at the time I stil=
l had to find out where to find a pottery store. ( in SA 5 hours drive is a=
very long trip to take!) =3DC2=3DA0 At first I thought I must have misunde=
od the term "salt", but decided to test it anyway. O f cause I did nothing =
correctly and at the time I was just too happy that something melted in my =
kiln, so the salt use was in anyway just a sprinkle in the wind. Later on I=
used salt often in my pit fires.................=3D20

Fact is I ended up having the whole world teaching me through books from ac=
ross the world. It is good to have one teacher, but many is much better....=

Antoinette Badenhorst=3D20
Lincolnshire, Illinois=3D20

Lili Krakowski=3D20