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updated mon 18 jan 10


lili krakowski on sun 17 jan 10

One of the things that bothers me (please don't take a poll!) is that we =
are so tremendously nationalistic (as it were) in our book =3D

I love Ron/John's book. That is not it. I thought and think Rhodes's =3D
books fabulous, and only the older crowd remembers how revolutionary =3D
they were when just hot off the press.

Both Leach and Cardew are kinda cult figures by now...BUT there are =3D
excellent wonderful useful, indispensable books out there, by Brits and =3D
others, books that should be owned read, learned from. =3D20

I remind everyone of how much time and effort and money we put into =3D
firings...That a $25 book (though the second-hand market is cheaper by =3D
far) that teaches us something that ultimately makes for the successful =3D
firing of $250 worth of pots is well worth the investment.

Michael Bailey, whom many of you "know"

Emmanuel Cooper, Tony Birks, Michael Casson--wonderful, useful books.
The whole "Ceramics Skillbooks" series...excellent books. Harry Fraser =3D
has been mentionned. Elsbeth S. Woody whose books on handbuilding and =3D
thrown pottery are fabulous. Not to mention Robin Hopper, and Robert =3D
Fournier...There are plenty more--

Daniel de Montmollin whose book is very expensive, but worth it for high =
firers. =3D20

Several of these books are available in translation...into French, =3D
Spanish, German (Elsbeteh may have written hers in German first.)

Now Cannonball and I have this deal! She is entitled to any and all =3D
coins (not bills) that end up on the well as those we find in =
the washing machine. She carefully saves these in an old Medaglia d'Oro =
can, and then buys second hand pottery books with the money. So she has =
a fine collection she kindly lets me use....

I was in the book trade. I am not related to anyone. I have no =3D
financial interest--(as you realize as I need to borrow books from a =3D
cat! Gee!)

Lili Krakowski
Be of good courage

Eve Rose on sun 17 jan 10

I can't speak for but for myself. I'm not so much a nationalist as a ceram=
icist. Michael Bailey, Emmanuel Cooper, Tony Birks, Harry Fraser, Robin Hop=
per are all names I either have on my bookshelf or have read from the libra=
ry and plan someday to have on my bookshelf. The others I haven't heard of =
yet, but if they have knowledge I need I'm sure I will find them someday. U=
ntil you mentioned it, I really wasn't aware of their nationality. I realiz=
e now, that I didn't even assume they were American, I just knew they wrote=
about clay topics that were/are/will be important to me. The glaze recipes=
are all in grams and if the firing temperatures mentioned centigrade it d=
idn't matter. I have a chart and it's all cones anyway, isn't it? We clay =
people are a nationality of our own, aren't we? We have a language we all u=
nderstand or at least some of us are learning to understand.


In sunny Southern California which won't be sunny much longer, but dark and=

lili krakowski wrote:

>One of the things that bothers me (please don't take a poll!) is that we a=
re so tremendously nationalistic (as it were) in our book recommendations.