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updated mon 18 jan 10


lili krakowski on sun 17 jan 10

Antoinette writes:
After I read your list I stood up to see how many of these authors are =3D
on my bookshelve. It is quite an impressive list you have there! ... =3D
Question is how much we really read and use those books."

Hobart Cowles used to say that if you get one new/useful thing out of a =3D
book it is worthwhile.

To expand a bit on what said earlier. A pound of clay--if one buys by =3D
the 1000 lbs--costs about 31 cents a pound. Looking through several =3D
dealers I'd have to be prepared to pay 50 cents a pound and up, in the =3D
quantities I am able to buy. And of course there is transportation =3D

Now it certainly is a lot of money to pay $30 or so for a book. But book =
then equals a 50 lbs box of clay--on the low side. And every pot that =3D
fails because of glaze troubles adds up...Not only clay, but firing =3D


Lili Krakowski
Be of good courage