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art marketing workshop

updated fri 8 jan 10


Alice DeLisle on wed 6 jan 10

Does anybody have experience with the art marketing workshop that is advert=
ised on the following web site?

Alice DeLisle

Logan Johnson on wed 6 jan 10

Hi Alice,
I've never been to the Xanadu workshop & personally I feel that the more i=
nfo you can get the better.
However , when I see or hear a statement like "Everything you need..." I=
tend to be a little suspicious because I don't believe any one entity has =
the "total " answer to such a big question. but that's just my natural ske=
pticism . If you have never spoken to anyone about what it takes get int=
o a gallery before what can it hurt ? I feel some information is better t=
han none . Besides any info you get at Xanadu you can always discuss on Cl=
ayart to see what other artists in other galleries say. If I was in your =
position I would take the seminar, take tons of notes and then discuss any =
questions with the best/largest group of experts available to you.... Claya=

Good Luck !

Logan Johnson
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Yakima Wa. 98902
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From: Alice DeLisle
Sent: Wed, January 6, 2010 6:03:48 AM
Subject: Art Marketing Workshop

Does anybody have experience with the art marketing workshop that is advert=
ised on the following web site?

Alice DeLisle

Bonnie Staffel on thu 7 jan 10

Sorry I cannot respond to whether this workshop has merit or not, but I =3D
to laugh at my early attempts to sell my work in galleries. My potter =3D
and I decided to research the names of galleries in about a 200 mile =3D
of our studios, load up our car with our pots and take a trip. No
appointments were made prior to our arrival, and being very naive about =3D
whole process, we started out on our trip. We had a wonderful time but =3D
time we went into a gallery to ask if they would like to see our work, =3D
received a lot of negative answers or were asked to call and make an
appointment. However, one gallery was very enthusiastic about our work =3D
said he would take it all. The thought of money danced in our heads, but =
further conversation, he said he would take it on consignment. We =3D
ready for this situation so said no. While we didn't succeed in our =3D
we sure learned a lot by the experience.=3D20

Later in my career, found that the galleries started to look for my =3D
Had some good to super ones as well as some who sold my work but didn't =3D
the money back to me. Some of these galleries were far away from my =3D
and so I could not keep an eye on what was happening. Now all the =3D
who want and get my work are within Mel's 50 mild radius of where I =3D
live. In
that way, I can keep my customer base and I don't have to handle the =3D
myself as I have no showroom in my current living situation. The =3D
even come to my studio and pick up the work. I miss the one-on-one =3D
but have to accept the best way to sell my work. I used to have just one
gallery in the area who required exclusivity. That worked for a while =3D
our personal interaction ceased to be pleasant. Now I have four =3D
who carry my varied work. I make one-offs now as well as functional =3D

So in response to the question on Clayart, my advice would be to make =3D
best pots you can, enter shows, advertise your studio and they will come =
you if the galleries find merit in handling your work. I would also
investigate the gallery's reputation for paying the artists in a timely
fashion and if they made good efforts to sell your work. When our local
group of potters would get together for a party, we seemed to always =3D
about the business. One learned a lot through this interaction.

IMO one size shoe doesn't fit all feet.

Bonnie Staffel
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