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updated sat 2 jan 10


mel jacobson on fri 1 jan 10

yes, for every thought, there is another thought
that makes `sense`.

my take is about:
pie in the sky.
`if i can only find that perfect clay body,
all will be perfect.` (of course, that clay is made by
someone else.)

we have to learn to use whatever we have.
the learning curve is long and hard.
there is no magic clay. no magic glaze materials.
only hard work and research..personal research.

when i did the chinese project with joe koons...he
sent me all the glazes/dry, pre-mixed.
i did not have the recipes at hand...did not want them,
as they are

after about six months i decided to try making the
same glazes, using my studio supplies. (play time.)
joe sent me all the notes and ideas/recipes.

i made them using pound measure.
there was absolutely no difference.

and, as i have said many times...kiln, clay body, firing schedule,
reduction schedule, fire down time. cooling. they all have
a part in the final solution. i was doing the same things with
the same glaze materials...just different bags. it was still just
basic glass making materials.

and, between the two of us, we wanted to control and learn
the entire process. understand it. and, we did. of course, there
is still work to be done...things to do. it never ends.
from: minnetonka, mn
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