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shipping clay/making clay

updated fri 1 jan 10


Antoinette Badenhorst on thu 31 dec 09

Some years back( while I was still a production potter)=3DC2=3DA0I would ne=
ver =3D
consider buying clay, and for sure not buy clay from a distant source. I ev=
en used it as a selling point( to the=3DC2=3DA0dismay of some of my competi=
at the time!)=3DC2=3DA0but one day I realized that the time it takes to ma=
ke c=3D
lay or struggle with clay that does not work for me, is time that I can spe=
nd on other areas of my work. Since I am not a production potter any more, =
one ton of clay lasts up to 4 years. I throw thin and I reclaim every singl=
e piece that falls on a clean surface.=3D20

To me it make sence to look=3DC2=3DA0and evaluate the overall picture of on=
e's =3D
studio and make the disicions from there. I do not think there is a one ide=
a fit=3DC2=3DA0 all solution for studios. In the end the balance of the acc=
=3DC2=3DA0is what matters. =3DC2=3DA0=3D20

Glaze is a different story. I think that one has to personilize ones glazes=
. Not because it is cheaper( commersial glazes can still be personilized), =
but because there is no sence in making similar dishes as one's neighbor wi=
th similar glazes. That to me is very counterproductive. Even a good design=
can be ruined if the glaze does not become one's own. In the end that will=
affect one's income. That takes me back to "no one solution fits all studi=

Best wishes for a very blessed and happy New Year to all my fellow clayarte=

Antoinette Badenhorst=3D20
Lincolnshire, Illinoise=3D20