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bread sculpture

updated thu 31 dec 09


dianamp@COMCAST.NET on tue 29 dec 09

When my daughter was small we made bread sculpture.

Be sure to have a pair of scissors at hand to
cut quills and scales into the surface.

Happy New Year!

Diana Pancioli

dianamp@COMCAST.NET on wed 30 dec 09

I am constantly amazed at the "breadth" of topics on
Clayart. Today they stretched from bread to urns to miter boxes.
That must say something about life. . . .

If I was Kelly I could elaborate on it but I am not and I can't.
The images do it for me anyway.

And I should have added to my previous message about bread sculpture
that scissors and bread dough are good for:

Quills and scales,
ears and tails.

My granddaughter chose a piggy stuffed animal named Arnold when she was her=
e last week.
It is a hoot--it snores and says wee, wee, wee, wiggles his ear and lower j=
and his belly rises and falls as if breathing. I was proud of her--she chos=
e it instead of
a teddy that spouted nursery rhymes.

Buon Capo d'anno.

Diana Pancioli