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the only two things you really need philosophy.

updated tue 16 dec 97


Ric Swenson on mon 15 dec 97

The mention of WD-40 reminded me of the quite ancient "Vermont Philosophy of
Life" which describes the real need for only TWO THINGS in this life:

1.) You need WD-40, for those times when something won't move and
you WANT it to.


2,) You need Duct Tape, for those times when something moves and
you wish it not to move.

........There are also those 'Philosophers in the Field' who would subscribe
to the need for 'bag balm' but I believe the general population is still
divided on that issue.



>------------------------Original message----------------------------
>I have used WD40 as a releasing agent with a great deal of success for a
>of stamps made from rubber, wood and metal. Just give the stamp surface a
>spray and it will be good for several impressions before you need to apply it
>again. Be sure however that the room you are using the WD40 is well
>It hasn't caused me any problems in the firing or with glaze applications.


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