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thanks john, selling

updated wed 23 dec 09


mel jacobson on tue 22 dec 09

yes, there are many ways to sell.
i do not live alone by a 50 mile radius.
it is my first way.
easy way.
cheap way.
no shipping way.

but, many other ways work for
many. and me.

you have to keep trying things.
many price points and options.

if you have a great gallery, and they
sell for you. wonderful.
if you are getting orders on etsy, great.

just don't think in one way.

for example.
here is a cost analysis.
my home sale.

one card/ginko's. post card size. bright pink.
printed two sides. 700 cards.
65 bucks.
i do my own labels and data base, and buy bulk labels..5 bucks maybe.
165 bucks/first class and the
folks that moved, i get the card back.
cards go for .28 cents.
some coffee and cookies, candy.
30 bucks

and, that is that.
so, i invest 270 bucks.
in most cases, the week before
my sale people will call for a quick preview.
`sure, come on over.`
i made almost 600 bucks the week before that sale.
expenses covered.
lights and stuff are on anyway...i am out in the studio, every day.
we use pine branches for decor. convert the studio in just a
few hours. black cloth..precut for every counter and table.
(scrap mostly)
it is almost pure profit. and, i walk to the studio/18 steps.
come in to go the bathroom...i had two artists in the kitchen.
people love to come in the house...look around.
that really is a good system.
they want that little part of you.

of course, some cannot have anyone in their home.
it is like invasion...and i understand that. sharlene does
not love people wandering...but, once a year...ok.
and, we pick really good friends for in the house.
her pal audrey has wonderful clothes and fabric, so that
was a good time for sharlene.

and, the cards sent are almost like a christmas card. i send
them all over the country...just keeps me in touch with friends.
i know they are not coming...just a gesture.
costs nothing. and, this is 50 years in a row i have done some
sort of show at home. i make money.
that is the focus.
some think their art is too precious. notme. can't wait
to get rid of it. and, i work so damn fast it is hard for
me to look at small pots for 50 bucks.
i get rid of everything..then start new.

don't need a grant. i pay my way.
i know, old world values. but, nothing wrong with that.
as bonnie hellman knows, i do a PL, and stress the P.

from: minnetonka, mn
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