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mel's second holiday sale

updated mon 21 dec 09


Richard Aerni on sun 20 dec 09


Congratulations on the success. Indeed, it is something to think about. =
Nothing wrong with $25 dollar pots, or $50 dollar pots. Last year =3D
about this time, in the midst of the financial panic, although I'd had a =
good year, and sold more big pieces than I had in years, I decided that =3D
this year would be tougher, as the realization of the depth of the =3D
crisis hit consumers. So I decided to make it the year of the under $50 =
pot. It was, and it was good. There is no harm in applying one's =3D
experience and talent to a so-called "common" fact, sometimes =3D
it is a considerable stretch of one's talents to do it well. I was =3D
talking to another full-time potter I know from Maine, when our paths =3D
crossed at a show last weekend...his booth was full of $25 and $50 pots, =
even though he is probably better known for his larger pieces. His =3D
take, "I plan on staying in business." A good plan... =3D20

We kept our building's doors open yesterday (and will today) although =3D
they are usually locked on the weekend when the building manager takes =3D
his ease. Result...Carolyn sold one of her larger pieces and I accepted =
a commission for a dinnerware set of 12. You never know... Now I'm =3D
backed up with six dinnerware sets on commission...good thing I spent =3D
the $750 dollars earlier this year for extra kiln shelves and plate =3D

All the best to you and clayart,

Richard Aerni
Rochester, NY =3D20