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fw: cone 10 kiln disaster - help?

updated fri 18 dec 09


liz gowen on thu 17 dec 09

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Subject: RE: Cone 10 Kiln Disaster - help?

Cathi I think it sounds more like a clay problem than a firing one. The =3D
lumpy clay sounds like it is not blended well and unless you are putting =
through a pug mill or wedging the heck out of it, I would toss it. =3D
like the majority of the pots that cracked were slab made of this clay =3D
what you say below....Liz Gowen

I am currently using 2 clay bodies - Quyle Kilns' Sierra Gold (high =3D
^6-10 clay body local to me) and Laguna's 1/2 and 1/2, which is 1/2 =3D
stoneware and 1/2 porcelain. I'm not happy with the Laguna body - its =3D
lumpy and difficult to throw, but I have 125 lbs of it, so I am largely
handbuilding with it till its gone.

Third shelf, which was about 7" below the roof of the kiln and the stack =
loaded with 5 slab-built soap dishes and a small bowl made with the =3D
body and glazed with a simple clear glaze.

When I opened the kiln, every one of the soap dishes was beyond just
cracked. They looked like they had been sort of torn apart. The small =3D
also had a crack from the lip down about 1/2 way to the foot.