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chinese clay art news-happy holiday!

updated sat 12 dec 09


Guangzhen Zhou on fri 11 dec 09

The Best American Ceramic Art Exhibition of All at ClayGround=3D2C San Jose=
=3D2C California
In the opening reception of the afternoon=3D2C Saturday Dec. 5th=3D2C the C=
round studio/gallery was very crowded. The exhibition has been drawing atte=
ntion from both the local ceramic art community and the local Chinese commu=
nity (please click
n.asp. =3D20
for pictures of the artworks). I plan to work on the ceramic art exhibitio=
n again in Shanghai Art Expo China next year.
Clark Edelstein was invited for the pottery wheel throw demonstration durin=
g the reception. I met Clark in Mother Earth Clay Studio about five years a=
go. Later on=3D2C he brought a big raku-fired lid jar to me as a personal g=
t which I thought should belong to a museum somewhere. In August of this ye=
ar=3D2C this piece was selected and exhibited in Jingdezhen International C=
amic Art=3D2C and it has been donated to the museum in Jingdezhen. =3D20
Al Spivack Donates Three Artworks in China
Beginning in late October=3D2C California artist and collector Al Spivack a=
a small group of his friends visited China for a three-week tour. He had t=
hree pieces exhibited and/or donated to China. The unique part of his techn=
ique is to bond colorful glass with the surface of the ceramic glazes. Al h=
as had a feature article published in Ceramics Monthly.
Al Spivack got his first piece in the show Jingdezhen International Ceramic=
Art. He brought two other pieces with him and donated to Yixing Ceramic Mu=
seum and Yixing Ceramic Art Center=3D97Yixing Ceramic Professional Associat=
n. While the group was visiting one of the ceramic art studios in Yixing=3D=
Al Spivack got interviewed by a news reporter from one of the Chinese news=
mediums. Please click here to view some pictures.
Holiday Sales=3D20
The economy hasn=3D92t been very good this past year=3D2C but due to the su=
t of our ceramic art community=3D2C our business has not done badly. The h=
iday season is coming=3D2C and we would like to express our appreciation to=
veryone who has used our products and services in the past.=3D20


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Mop Brushes =3D2CGoat Hair with Porcelain Handle=3D2C B 100- 7 =3D2C was$16=
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