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glaze workshops near bangor, pa?

updated thu 10 dec 09


Paul Borian on thu 10 dec 09

a nice customer of mine recently sent an email asking if i could provide a
glazing workshop for his wife who has been taking pottery classes for
while. I am not sure of the skill level but my impression is that the work
i am doing would be a bit over-the-top for her (because it often seems so
for me even after 10 years) so i suggested just an informal exchange of
info for the time being. I am not set up to give workshops as my studio is
quite small and i am definitely not a glaze expert and i have no idea what
i would even charge for something like that.
So i am just wondering, do any of the potters out there who give glaze
workshops live near NE PA? They were considering a flight of about 600
miles to my studio so i am sure they would not mind driving 100 or so if
need be. I think what they are looking for is a kind of intro class with
some basic glaze techniques and some fundamentals about formulation, etc.
i will also encourage them to join clayart, where they will learn a lot
more than i could ever teach them!